Meet the Founder of LuxYuri

My name is Yuri Kudo Lee, and I was born and raised in Japan. Growing up, I was always into beauty and skincare, testing many different luxury brands and spending just as much on their products. After years of research, I realized two things. Regulation in the beauty industry is non-existent, and many large-scale manufacturers have deprioritized clean ingredients. I personally experienced this recently when one of the items I’d been using extensively was found to contain toxic elements. This lack of regulation not only impacts what goes on our skin, it also exposes the industry to abuse.

It's Time For a Change

After over a year of research and collaboration with an industry-leading cosmetic
chemist, along with rigorous post-production lab testing, I want to introduce to you: LuxYuri. A dermatologist-approved skincare brand that marries “Clean” and “Luxury” for the environmentally, socially, and cost-conscious consumer in mind. Formulated with vegan-clean ingredients, our products will leave your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and protected from the elements. I know you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Luxurious Skincare with Clean Ingredients

I believe that clean beauty is increasingly important because it’s something we apply to our most sensitive parts. We make healthy choices with our diet and lifestyle - why not give the same thoughtfulness to what we put on our skin? We want to deliver a clean ingredient derived high quality skincare that also matches the luxurious feeling you may find in other, more expensive alternatives.